In memory of my daughter whom passed away at the age of 24.

      She suffered from mental illness, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress and Depression. 

      She had a long hard battle with drugs and when it finally became to much for her to bare she took her own life.

Meet our Amazing team!

Meetings are Women Only 2nd & 4th Thursday 630 pm

Due to covid and places being short staffed, our meetings will be in our private Facebook group. Please click below to join. Thank you! I apologize for any inconvenience.

     This support group is a little different. We all have different stories and sometimes it helps to know we are not alone. What has happened in my life maybe different than what's happened in your life. What's tragic to one person may not be to another. Maybe it's depression or sadness or being lonely. Maybe you just need someone to care, to listen and to talk to.


   There is only 2 rules:

 1) What is discussed in Sharon's Sisters or with any members will not be talked about by anyone or to anyone outside of Sharon's Sisters. Everything is 100% confidential! You can just visit and listen. You will be under no obligation to talk unless you want to.


 2) There is no judgement, no criticism and Absolutely no negative comments, posts, messages, emails or calls to or about any one in this group! If one of these rules are broken you will be removed.