When depression is kicking your butt

March 17 So when depression is kicking your ass, what do you do? You cry, you get up, you put on some jewelry, makeup, get dressed nicely, you go get some dunkin donuts coffee and a donut because I'm sad and I deserve those 5 pounds, you call the nail salon make an appointment to get a mani and pedi, come back home, cry again and binge watch Netflix until my nail appointment, so what am I doing? I'm tryingto kick depressions ass! It sucks sometimes, it sucks when you feel the world is against you, it sucks when you want to hold your daughter and can't, Sometimes life just freaking sucks! I had an event to do today and totally bailed on it. Sometimes I just don't want to face the world however that is exactly when you need to the most. So even though I didn't go to my event I am still trying to not be in bed all day. I'm really not sure what this post is suppose to be, I think I just needed to share how I'm feeling and that no matter what we have to do it for ourself and no one else...

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