What gives you passion?!

I absolutely love to teach, inspire and help women to be the absolute best version of themselves! It took me over 40 years to love me and to be the best version of me I can be. Which is still an everyday task, I will never stop trying to be better than I was yesterday. So it became my passion not just for me but also to help others. I'm a Women’s Mental and Sexual Health/Wellness Advocate.  I empower and support women that are ready to change themselves, relationships, intimacy and I help them get through the hard times to. Life isn't easy and we all need that sometimes. I am a wife, mother and  grandma.  I own and run my own business, support group and absolutely love the women that I meet doing both.


I have been through many heartaches in my life, the worst was losing my oldest child.  I have worked through depression and migraines from the age of 11. I have a passion to help women deal with loss, depression and addiction whether it be with themselves or a loved one.  My ex- husband was very mentally and sometimes physically abusive and I know how that alone can affect the life that we lead.  It leaves us feeling detached and deflated as a person. I am now married to an amazing man who not only supports everything I do, he also encourages and brings out the best parts of me that I hid for so many years.

Because of my own loss and grief I have a special place in my heart and a passion to support women who have gone through a loss, mental illness or addiction themselves or with a loved one.  These tragic events will change your life.  I started a support group for this very reason, So women can get their power back and create the life that they know they are here to live. Women need to know they are not alone. We are a sisterhood of support for each other. Sharon’s Sisters, It is a safe place whether online or in person if you live locally to me.  This is a  free from any criticism or judgement place where you will be supported as you get your life back on track and begin living again and be the best you that you can be.

I share my feelings of loss, grief, hope and motivation through a blog titled, Her Mom, The loss of my daughter inspired this blog because sharing my story has helped me and I know it will help others. I also volunteer with a wonderful group of people for an amazing purpose Community Thanksgiving Luncheon it is for everyone from all walks of life. Most recently I've been invited to be a part of Hopeful Handbags and their blog and I am super excited! It helps me get through my own grief and uncertainties when I can help others.

I started a Pure Romance business with the intent of teaching my daughter how to run a business that will be fruitful for her future and the future of the women she would come in contact with.  After her passing I decided to stay in it because I absolutely love helping women, teaching women and having parties is a fun plus. Many things change after you lose a child. I had to figure out who I am now. Now I am a strong woman on a mission to help other women and I know my daughter is right here cheering me on every step of the way. I Empower women to be the best they can be. I help women have their own business. I Educate on Sexual Wellness. I help save relationships and marriages. I Entertain and show you an amazing fun time with a Lady's Night In!

I help women realize how important sexual health and intimacy is in their lives.  Women are responsible for life (literally) and this all stems from our sexual health, intimacy and “desiring” to have sex. Embracing these truths and knowing that YOU CAN change the way you think and feel about YOU results in your sexual health and intimacy being so much more than it is now. 

I love how this business has allowed me  to support, inspire and teach women about sexual health and intimacy. I continued with Pure Romance because of the amazing sisterhood and support we give each other, not only in business but in life. I absolutely love having my own business, working my own hours and being able to do things I or my family wasn't able to do before. During this I have meet the most uplifting amazing women.

Check out more of my blogs at www.LadyLove.net/HerMom

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