Suicide Awareness

Sept is #SuicideAwareness month. Most know my girl passed away and most think it was just a drug addiction but the reality is it was not just anything. My girl suffered from depression, pst, was isolated by her bf where I could not get to her. I begged him to turn her in (there was a violation warrant) 2 weeks prior to her death. I knew something wasn't right, I felt it in my soul and she was isolating herself from us more and more. Her bf told me I was just being a controlling b****. I have always had a strong connection with my girl and could always feel when something wasn't right. I'm telling you this because if you think or feel something is not right, talk to that person, take action of some kind. Being nice instead of judgmental will go along way in helping instead of hurting. 2 weeks before she passed was the last conversation I had with my daughter. It was me telling her she was being no better than her own Dad and how did he make her feel and suffer all of her life and now shes doing the same to her son. She was also pregnant and I was pushing her to think about what the heck she was doing or going to do. I was trying to get her to turn herself in, however I was going about it all wrong. Instead of being supportive (which I have always been there no matter what the situation, however being depressed she wasn't thinking that, she was scared and in over her head) That is something I now have to live with forever. I can never tell her how sorry I am or how wrong I was in that moment. I was trying to be a Mom and make her see what she was doing but all I did was make her feel worse than she already did. Thinking your just being honest in saying what you see or think they should be doing or how they should be acting isn't always the answer. This person is suffering and hurting emotionally. I don't believe my girl really wanted to leave her son or this life. I know my girl was just suffering and it was to much for her to bare and she felt no other way out. Please be nice it really will make the difference in whether someone decides to take there life or not in that moment... Picture is my girl and I when she was just a few months old...

This is a great article, it has info on what we should understand about suicide..

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