Sharon's Sisters support group

January 12

I received a message from a friend today saying she would like me to call she has something important to discuss. I call her and she has this AMAZING idea to start a support group. Now this group will be a little different than most. We will not have a structure where we have to follow all these rules or have to have one certain tragity. We all have a different story and sometimes it helps to know we are not alone and my tragic event maybe different than your tragic event or heck maybe it's not tragic OR what's tragic to one person isn't to another or maybe it's depression or sadness or being lonely and you just need someone to care for just one second. I always say being nice to someone in that moment can make the difference of life or death to them. Our support group is in dedication to my daughter (also Erin's idea and name of group to). I am so truly blessed to have her in my life. Erin is AMAZING and I am super stoked to be on this new journey with her!

The only rule is what is discussed at group does not leave the group, everything will be 100% confidential and won't be talked about by anyone outside of the session. You can just come and sit and listen you will be under no obligation to talk unless you want to

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