Postpartum is real!

Postpartum is a real thing and many women suffer from this. My daughter had depression, PTS and I believe with everything in me she suffered from postpartum depression. She was so excited to be pregnant and so excited to have her son but she was sad and disappointed and always felt she wasn't good enough or wasn't being good enough. Being around people who always told her that when they didn't get there way didn't help. What you say to someone can seriously make the difference if they chose to live another day. However with mental illness its not always that simple. My girl believed we would all be better off without her including her son. It hurts my heart that shes gone but it hurts my heart that people can be so ugly and cruel just because there selfish and want there way. Depression is a real thing even if you don't see the signs and they always say there fine, there not. You have to pay attention and get them the help they need.

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