On this day 2 years ago....

February 12 · On this date 2 years ago (it was a Friday) we were at Saint Anastasia Catholic Church having my daughters Memorial Service. I don't remember a lot about the day. I remember before the service, during but at the end and the reception I just lost it. There is not a moment she isn't in my head or in my heart. I thought I was at peace because my girl was finally at peace. However now I don't think I really was. This past Saturday I believe put me at peace and gave me a calm I haven't had the last 2 years. I think I had to be ready and except things for the way they are and I have finally forgiven and let go of all the anger and resentment I was silently holding on to. I believe with all of my heart that is why she was finally able to come to me in a way that has helped me so much more than anyone will ever realize. So as you've always been told to let it go and forgive those who have hurt you it is more for yourself than for them. I have finally learned how true and freeing that statement really is. My girl goes everywhere I go and will always be in my heart, mind and soul. I love you Priss and now know you have found the peace you've always been searching for...... Her obituary for anyone who would like to sign it or read it that hasn't.... http://m.legacy.com/obituaries/staugustine/obituary.aspx?n&pid=177679544&referrer=0&preview=True

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