Life is just hard sometimes

As we go through this journey we call life, their will be so many ups and downs. Everyone always says Karma will come back around, they will get what they deserve and many other things like this. The truth is, life will kick you in the gut when your already down, life will give you a slap in the face whether you deserve it or not. Yes I do believe what you put out you receive back, I also believe that life is life and we are not in control of all of it.

All you can do is take the good, the amazing, the wonderful and also the bad and make the best of it. Their are situations you can change, circumstances that may have been avoided, life really is just a learning experience and you have to make the choice to learn from it, be grateful for it and be a positive force to be reckoned with. I mean seriously what's the flip side? Be miserable? Always asking why me? Always being negative? Never allowing yourself happiness? Living in the past where nothing can be changed?

We all have obstacle's, things and people in our way or pretend to be a friend but aren't really, we have people that when they see or talk to you say they love you and want what's best for you, when in reality they talk about you, deceive you and really don't care about you at all. You know what? That's all ok to! Those people wont be in your life long, when they see they have no effect on you or even make you stronger for putting you through things. They will go away!

Things happen that can't be controlled, a child or someone we love dying, getting cancer or watching some we love go through having cancer and the things people do to us that cause us hurt and pain. The things we go through in life is not what defines who we are. Going through the things we go through helps make us who we are. How you handle unfortunate circumstances and the person you chose to be is what defines who we are.

I personally find the silver lining and I make a choice to learn from what life has given. I chose to be a good person, I chose to be a positive person, I chose to be grateful even when times are hard and the world seems like its crashing down around me. You can not control the actions of others or life, however you can control your own actions and how you handle life.

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