Bitter Sweet

Today my Grandson turns 6, he is such an amazing little man. So smart, witty and a personality all of his own. He reminds me so much of his Mom when she was his age, he has so much of her in him, features, eye rolling, attitude, smartness, funny and just all around an amazing personality. I am so grateful that my daughter blessed us with him before she left this earth. He really helps me keep going knowing that a part of her is still here with us.

It is such a bitter sweet day for me. I watched my daughter struggle with depression and sadness before, through her pregnancy and after. She was so excited to be having her son, but things and relationships were not turning out as she thought and planned them to. Her labor was hard and long but I could see all the love a Mom has when looking at her child for the very first time. My girl did so amazing as a new Mom and she tried so hard.

I am super Blessed for all the amazing things I have in my life. My daughter being my first born taught me the meaning of unconditional and true love. She taught me strength and how to be a Mom, how to be a better person and of course patience (having a mini me with more attitude was not easy). She taught me that no matter what my struggles where I could get through them. She also taught me the amazing feeling of being a Grandma. Life can truly be an ugly place however my girl also taught me to be Thankful and Grateful for the many Blessings I do have in my life everyday.

Happy Birthday Lil Man, Your Mom would be so amazed and proud of you....

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