Tabby Dingler


Let today's Sunset, Reset your mind...

Tomorrow is a new day with new thoughts and new beginnings...

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As A Wife and A Mom, I worked a regular full time job. As a Grandma, I decided to become a full time Entrepreneur. I wanted to own a successful business to teach to my daughter so she wouldn't have to work all those long crazy hours and miss out on her sons childhood. Then the most tragic thing a Mother can go through happened. After losing a child it changed the direction of  my life forever. I refocused on myself, rebuilding my life and helping Women. As a Women's Mental and Sexual Health/Wellness Advocate. I have been through many things in my life, most currently Stage 3 Breast Cancer and I find that helping others helps me. My passion has become teaching and supporting women.


I have a passion for my business Tabby's Pure Romance My Mission is to help women be what and who they truly desire and to live their best life now! I give women (and couples) a safe place to talk with private consultations, In home parties give women a fun and private place to be them selves, have fun, ask questions and give women the opportunity to have financial freedom.

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The founder of Sharon's Sisters Support Group and Her Mom Blog . Our mission is to help others/women over come things that life has thrown at you. Self Confidence, Tragedy, Grief, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Cancer..  For yourself dealing with one or all, maybe someone you love or maybe you just need someone to fill a void of loneliness, someone to listen, someone to care.


Board Member for a Non  Profit organization  Hopeful Handbags Inc. Our mission is Raising Hope and Awareness of Domestic Violence and other Detrimental Situations. One Filled Handbag at a Time.

A volunteer with  Saint Augustine Community Thanksgiving Luncheon. Our mission is to feed those in our Community on Thanksgiving day who may have no one or no place to go. Everyone is welcome.